The New Hybrid Album - Light Of The Fearless - Limited Edition Special Box Set - 5 x CDs, Signed Postcard & Stickers

The long awaited new artist album from Hybrid "Light Of The Fearless" is released on July 27th, but we've got a super limited edition, special set consisting of 1) Main Album CD, 2) Instrumental Versions CD, 3) Orchestral Versions CD, 4) Shadow Of The Fearless (alternate versions and bonus tracks) and 5) The CD Single of first single Light Up.Also included is a personally signed Hybrid postcard and Hybrid stickers.

There is a limited amount of these sets available. You can also buy the main Light of the Fearless CD (CD1) in stores from 27th July.

CDs 2,3 and 4 will never be available in stores and are only available direct. These Box sets will start shipping from July 18th, with the aim of getting them to you before the official release date. Phone orders UK +44 (0)20 3318 0912 or US +1 (331) 684 7233