Boom Jinx

Some people are undoubtedly born more creative than others, but whether or not they’re destined to channel their creativity through a specific art form is questionable. Øistein Johan Eide (aka Boom Jinx) did not come from a particularly musical family. The fact that his creativity manifested itself in sound and music was pure coincidence. He started making music in 1989 when he accidentally got his hands on Soundtracker - a pattern based audio sequencer for the Commodore Amiga computer. In terms of audio specifications, the Amiga was basically an 8 bit 4 voice sampler. With a burning passion to create, 15-year-old Øistein spent more time making music than he did attending Norwegian elementary school. When he got his first freelance assignment from a major US game developer in 1991, he set a goal on making a career out of making music.

By 2003, Øistein had produced music for more than 50 commercials. His work was being exposed to millions of people worldwide through international commercials and websites for high-profile brands and personalities. At the height of his freelance career, he was headhunted and offered full-time employment at one of the leading sound and music production companies in Norway. These days, it’s easier for Øistein to say what type of projects he hasn’t worked on than what he has, and his music airs on TV, Cinema and Radio every day.

Up until recently, when asked what style of music he makes, he would usually reply “whatever the client asks for”, but like any other artist he had his preferences. An artists preferred style is often shaped by their specific talents. Øistein has never been afraid to admit his specialty is more technically oriented than that of a stereotypical composer. While recognizing how fortunate he was to make a living doing what he loved, he also realized he would rarely be able to express himself with complete creative freedom due to the restrictions of clients’ needs. And thus, Boom Jinx was born.

Despite a limited number of releases since Boom Jinx’s inception in 2005, Øistein has developed a well deserved reputation amongst his peers for productions that showcase a stunning level of intricate detail and subtle nuances. His tracks are equally at home on the dance floor as they are in your headphones, getting support from industry heavyweights such as Tiësto, Paul Van Dyk Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond and Marco V. He has also received critical acclaim from DJ Magazine and URB who both gave glowing reviews for “Come Play Perfect” and “Remember September.” Considering that his tracks have achieved top placement in European dance charts and gotten consistent play on worldwide radio shows, it is clear that his music resonates with the masses as well. Øistein’s musical talent is far from one dimensional and not limited to the trance scene. Not only was his breakbeat production “Manipulator” premiered on BBC Radio 1 as a “hot new track” alongside Nelly Furtado, it was also licensed by the hit television show CSI: Miami.

Here at Distinctive we are focusing on the more beat driven productions from Øistein. His break beat flavoured tracks Come On Over, Blueberry Bounce, Manipulator & Think Fast as well as the more Housier Suncast make their debut on Distinctive. Not confuse things with the trancier output, the project name for these tracks has been snappily renamed to “Boo Jinx presents BJX”.