Distinctive Records Releases

Catalog Number Artist Release Name Year
DISNCD100 Hybrid Morning Sci - Fi 1970
DISN248 Hybrid Shadow Of The Fearless 1970
DISN247 Hybrid Light Of The Fearless (Orchestral) 2018
DISN245 Hybrid Light Of The Fearless (Buy CD) 2018
DISN242 Sonority Could Be Normal 2017
DISN241 Sonority Raw (Buy CD) 2016
DISN240 Sonority Virtus 2016
DISN239 Adam Fielding Ashes By Dawn 2014
DISN238 Hybrid Light Up (Buy CD Single) 2018
DISN237 Polar Snares, Ft. Rhian Fox Break Through 1970
DISN236 John Graham Something New 2015
DISN234 John Graham All Fall Down 2016
DISN233 iLs, Ft. Jewels Lindt Dark Skies 1970
DISN232 Adam Fielding Icarus 2013
DISN231 Hexadecimal And Dub FX Open Your Eyes 1970
DISN230 John Graham Cold Sun (Buy CD) 2015
DISN229 iLL Audio, Ft. Alex Vargas One Man War 2013
DISN228 iLL Audio Know No Boundaries 2013
DISN227 Adam Fielding Icarus 1970
DISN226 Hexadecimal Reform Restore 2012
DISN225 Hexadecimal Cracks 2012
DISN223 Hybrid Cinematic Soundscape 2012
DISN222 Hybrid Instrumentals and Remixes 2012
DISN221 Hybrid Orchestral 2013
DISN220 Hybrid Classics 2012
DISN219 Hyper The Panic Instrumentals 2012
DISN218 John Graham Roll The Dice 2015
DISN217 Hyper Machine 2012
DISN216 iLs 33 R.P.M. 2013
DISN215 iLs, Ft. Jewels Lindt Still Crazy 2013
DISN214 Hyper My World 2000
DISN213 iLL Audio Know No Boundaries (Instrumental) 2013
DISN212 iLL Audio, Ft. Skin Never Be The Same EP 2012
DISN211 Hybrid Disappear Here (Instrumental Versions) 2011
DISN210 Hyper The Panic 2011
DISN209 iLL Audio, Ft. Roots Manuva Chase 2011
DISN208 Hyper The End 2011
DISN207 Adam Fielding Lightfields 2010
DISN206 Adam Fielding Distant Activity 2008
DISN205 Hybrid Original Sin 2011
DISN204 General Midi Operation Overdrive Dubs 2010
DISN203 Hexadecimal, Ft. Percy Dread Acid Lick Remixes 2011
DISN202 Hybrid Disappear Here (Widescreen Bonus Single) 1970
DISN201 Hybrid Disappear Here (Widescreen Edition) 2010
DISN200XX Hybrid Reappear Here 1970
DISN199 Hybrid Disappear Here 2010
DISN198 Caper Something Else 2010
DISN197 Hybrid Can You Hear Me 2010
DISN196 Boom Jinx presents BJX Manipulator EP 2010
DISN195 Hexadecimal Base 16 2010
DISN194 Boomjinx, Ft. BJX Come On Over 2010
DISN192 Hybrid Disappear Here (Buy CD) 2009
DISN191 General Midi Absinthe 2010
DISN190 Hybrid Break My Soul 2010
DISN189 General Midi, Ft. Odissi Back For More 2010
DISN188 Hexadecimal Ft Percy Dread Serious Action 2010
DISN187 General Midi, Ft. Whiskey Pete Get It Down 2009
DISN186 General Midi Operation Overdrive 2009
DISN185 General Midi 4 Million Ways 2009
DISN184 Hexadecimal Secret Agent EP 2009
DISN183 Stratosphere Burning Ice 2008
DISN182 Nick Hook Enhanced 2009
DISN181 Under This Black And White EP 2008
DISN180 Hybrid Formula Of Fear 2008
DISN179 Nat Monday And Jay Welsh Waiting 2009
DISN178 General Midi Milton 2008
DISN177 Hybrid Finished Symphony Re_mixed 2008
DISN176 Hybrid Re_Mixed EP1 2008
DISN175 Hybrid Hybrid Re_mixed 2007
DISN174 JDS You Got Me -0001
DISN173 Hybrid Lastman Standing / Until Tomorrow 2000
DISN172 Hybrid I Choose Noise 2001
DISN171 Popular Tyre Robot Love 2007
DISN170 ils vs The Who Baba O'Riley 2006
DISN169 General Midi Never Gonna Stop The Show 2006
DISN165 Jody Wisternoff Cold Drink, Hot Girl 2005
DISN164 Way Out West The Fall (Richard Durrand Remix) 2000
DISN163 General Midi The Digibox 2007
DISN162 General Midi Good To Go 2006
DISN161 ils Loving You 2006
DISN159 Faker Let Love Come -0001
DISN158 General Midi Turn It Loud -0001
DISN157 ils Angels 2005
DISN156 General Midi Midi Style 2005
DISN155 Various Artists WipeOut Pure 2005
DISN154 Ils Bohemia - Remixes & Exlcusives 2007
DISN153 ils Cherish 2005
DISN152 Way Out West Don't Forget Me 2005
DISN151 Ils Bohemia 2007
DISN150 Chris Coco Heavy Mellow 2005
DISN149 Chris Coco Heavy Mellow (Remixes) 2005
DISN148 Boom Jinx Presents BJX Suncast 2010
DISN147 General Midi Midi Style Instrumental 2010
DISN146 Ils Bohemia Instrumentals 2010
DISN145 General Midi West Coast Rox EP 2010
DISN132 Dub Pistols Official Chemical 2004
DISN131 Way Out West Anything But You 2003
DISN130 Chris Coco All Of My Beautiful Friends 1996
DISN129 Golan Globus Blazer -0001
DISN128 Saeed And Palash Champion 2004
DISN127 Way Out West Killa 2010
DISN126 Way Out West Don't Look Now 2005
DISN125 Nick Hook Enhanced (2000) -0001
DISN124 Dub Pistols World Gone Crazy 2004
DISN123 Hybrid I'm Still Awake 2000
DISN122 Dub Pistols Soul Shaking 2004
DISN121 Hybrid Higher Than A Skyscraper 2004
DISN120 Exile Reflux & Neuroscan 2000
DISN119 Electrotek Superfly 2000
DISN117 Christian Fischer And Hybrid I Know 2014
DISN116 Various Artists Hotel Pelirocco Music From The Legendary Hotel 2015
DISN115 Way Out West Muthaf**ka 1999
DISN114 Hybrid Theme From Wide Angle (Remixes) 2003
DISN113 Superbangdeluxe Rhtyhm & Drumbeat -0001
DISN112 Pob And Taylor Baba 1999
DISN111 Hybrid, Ft. Peter Hook True To Form 1970
DISN110 Various Artists Acoustic Chill 2 2013
DISN109 Dub Pistols Six Million Ways To Live - Remixes & Exclusives 2007
DISN108 Dub Pistols Six Million Ways To Live 2003
DISN107 Dub Pistols, Ft. Terry Hall Problem Is 2003
DISN106 Dub Pistols Dogtown Clash EP 2003
DISN104 Sound Alliance From Home -0001
DISN103 Hybrid Gravastar / Celebrity Science 1998
DISN099 Chris Coco Albatross 2002
DISN098 Christian J 4000AD : 04 Off Axis Trax Vol. 1 -0001
DISN097 Dave London And Filthy Rich Twisted 2002
DISN096 Late Night Sneaky 4000AD : 02 Purr Project -0001
DISN095 Quiet Killaz Warning 2002
DISN094 Chris Coco Falling (Eric Kupper Mixes) 2002
DISN093 Chris Coco Only Love 2002
DISN092 Chris Coco Lost Angels 2002
DISN091 Saeed And Palash Watching You -0001
DISN090 Way Out West, Ft. Kirsty Hawkshaw Stealth 1970
DISN089 Hybrid Visible Noise / Know Your Enemy 2001
DISN088 Drive Red 5 The Pleasurist 2002
DISN086 Various Artists Ministry presents The General S'election 2002
DISN084 Drive Red 5 Yours Sincerely Lionel 2001
DISN082 Tomy Or Zox Music Makes Me Happy 2001
DISN080 Way Out West Mindcircus 2002
DISN078 Chris Coco Next Wave 1998
DISN076 Way Out West Intensify 2001
DISN075 Maurice And Noble Faith Delivers 2002
DISN074 Way Out West Intensify (Single) 2001
DISN073 Nat Monday Waiting 2002
DISN072 Hybrid feat Julee Cruise If I Survive 2001
DISN071 Vitae Energy Flow -0001
DISN070 Maurice Feline 2000
DISN068 Various Artists Justin Robertson: Imprint 2001
DISN067 Hybrid Remix and Additional Production by 2001
DISN066 Kayestone Party Children (Break Of Dawn) 1999
DISN065 Various Artists Past Lessons / Future Theories 2004
DISN063 Hybrid Wider Angle (Buy CD) 1996
DISN062 Kayestone Atmosphere 1999
DISN061 Various Artists Tyrant 1999
DISN060 Prophets Of Sound Pachanga / Shaker Yer Rope 2000
DISN059 Golden Girls Kinetic '99 1970
DISN058 Lennie De Ice We Are I.E. 1999
DISN057 The Prophets Of Sound Presents The Gemini Sessions Vol 1 Little Things 1999
DISN056 DJ Eric Desire 2001
DISN055 Hybrid If I Survive 1995
DISN054 Hybrid Wide Angle 1999
DISN053 Cherry Boogie On Da Floor 1999
DISN052 Hybrid Finished Symphony 1999
DISN051 Donnatella The Journey 1999
DISN050 Lennie De Ice We Are I.E. 1999
DISN049 DJ Eric We Are Love 1994
DISN048 Peblab Ride The Pony 1997
DISN047 Prophets Of Sound High 1998
DISN046 Golden Girls Kinetc 1998
DISN044 Phunky Phantom Get Up Stand Up 1998
DISN042 Kevin Aviance Din Daa Daa 1998
DISN041 Outrage Drives Me Crazy 1992
DISN040 Various Artists Enter The Scene 1997
DISN039 Adeva New Direction 1997
DISN038 Various Artists Distinctive Sound Of House vol 2 1998
DISN037 Karen Young Hot Shot '97 1997
DISN036 Adeva Don't Think About It 1997
DISN033 Hybrid Symphony 1997
DISN031 Adeva Where Is The Love? / The Way That You Feel 1997
DISN030 Phunky Phantom Get Up Stand Up 1997
DISN029 DJ Supreme Tha Wildstyle 1994
DISN028 Hyper Go Go Do Watcha Do 1996
DISN027 DJ's Rule Get Into The Music 1997
DISN026 Phunky Phantom Get Up 1998
DISN024 Hyper Go Go High 1996
DISN023 Datura Mystic Motion 1996
DISN022 Hybrid Symphony 1995
DISN021 Headcrash Give It To Me 1996
DISN020 The Reverend Mike Crawley Pow! 1996
DISN019 DJ Supreme Tha Wildstyle 1996
DISN018 Endive The Feeling 1996
DISN017 Nights At The Round Table Lellenda 1997
DISN016 Hybrid, Ft. Andreas Carlson Fall Out Of Love 1970
DISN015 Westbrook Take Me Away 1992
DISN014 Hybrid Fall Out Of Love 1996
DISN013 Christian J And Dylan Rhymes Party People 2004
DISN011 Billabong House Forever 1996
DISN010 Various Artists The Distinctive Sound Of House Vol. 1 1992
DISN009 DJ's Rule Get Into The Music 1996
DISN008 B-Code Feel Good 1995
DISN007 X-Odus You Ready Now 1991
DISN006 Androgeny I Could Be This 1991
DISN005 Marshall Stax Rok Star 1995
DISN004 Uno Clio Are You Man Enough? 1991
DISN003 Endive The Feeling 1995
DISN002 Buckle & Fogey Yeow 1991
DISN001 Marshall Stax Switchead 1995