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Various Artists
"Distinctive Sound Of House vol 2"

1. Help Me Make It [Rollo & Sister Bliss '97]
2. Din Da Da [Club 69 Mix]
3. Sueno Latino [Club Zebra Brazilian Suite Mix]
4. Give It To Me [Sister Bliss Mix]
5. High [Atomic Mix]
6. Sound Bwoy Burial
7. Don't Think About It [Nu Birth Riddim Mix]
8. Tha Wildstyle [Underground Distortion Mix]
9. Anytime
10. Like This And Like That [Hardsoul Mix]
11. Dirty Cash [Da Techno Bohemian Speed Garbage Mix]
12. Don't Think About It [Nu Birth Riddim]
13. Enter The Scene [Klubbheads Vs Rollercoaster Mix]
14. P.O.W. [Ramp Mix]
15. Amber Groove [Ramp Mix]
16. Get Into The Music [Skindeep Mix]
17. Get Up Stand Up [KLM Mix]
18. Hot Shot '97 [Super Ego's Inflated Mix]
19. Do Watcha Do [Hybrid Mix]
20. Desert Sun [Nick Muir Mix]
21. Fall Out Of Love [Hybrid Mix]
22. Yummy
23. Walk With Me [Mix One]
24. Symphony [Original Breakbeat Mix]
25. Sueno Latino [Salt Tank Amnesian Mix]