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Dub Pistols
"Six Million Ways To Live - Remixes & Exclusives"

This is a digital only monster package of no less than 37 tracks + remixes from the Dub Pistols highly acclaimed album, 'Six Million Ways To Live'. Featuring Terry Hall and Horace Andy the original album is now a classic. This new digital release includes all the original tracks + mixes plus 9 previously unreleased mixes including huge ones from Bushwacka, Coloursound, Jon Carter + Paul Daley.

(p) 2007 Distinct'ive Records
(c) 2007 Distinct'ive Records

1. Problem Is [Bushwaka Mix]
2. Riptides [Coloursound Mix]
3. Architect [Dub Pistols 12 Mix]
4. Architect [Dub Pistols Breaks Mix]
5. Six Million Ways To Live [Paul Daley Vocal Mix]
6. Problem Is [Jon Carter Instrumental Mix]
7. Problem Is [Dub Pistols House Mix]
8. Soul Shaking [Touche Vocal Mix]
9. Soul Shaking [Touche Dub Mix]
10. Sound Clash [Album Version]
11. World Gone Crazy [Album Version]
12. Problem Is [Album Version]
13. Six Million Ways To [Album Version]
14. Riptides [Album Version]
15. Soul Shaking [Album Version]
16. Soldiers [Album Version]
17. Still Breathing [Album Version]
18. Architect [Album Version]
19. Official Chemical [Album Version]
20. 6 AM [Album Version]
21. Problem Is [Radio Edit]
22. Problem Is [Creamer & K Remix]
23. Problem Is [Dub Pistols Breaks Mix]
24. Problem Is [Jon Carter Remix]
25. Problem Is [Soul Of Man Remix]
26. World Gone Crazy [Dogtown Clash Vocal Mix]
27. World Gone Crazy [Dogtown Clash Dub Mix]
28. World Gone Crazy [West London Deep Mix]
29. World Gone Crazy [MJ Cole Mix Re-Rubb]
30. World Gone Crazy [Sugar Daddy Mix]
31. World Gone Crazy [Dub Pistols Radio Mix]
32. World Gone Crazy [Dogtown Clash Radio Edit]
33. Official Chemical [Radio Edit]
34. Official Chemical [DJ Touche Vocal Mix]
35. Official Chemical [Dogtown Clash Mix]
36. Official Chemical [Boutros On The Beach Remix]
37. Official Chemical [DJ Touche Instrumental Mix]