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Dub Pistols
"Official Chemical"

Official Chemical’ is the last single to be taken from the ‘Six Million Ways To Live’ album. A strong track in its own right ‘Official Chemical’ hits home with politically relevant lyrics and production to suit. This is a track that the Dub Pistols want you to hear and take a little something home from.
Quite a package for this single with the likes of DJ Touché and Dogtown Clash on remix duties once again. DJ Touché produces another big electro infused house stomper. Not unlike his remix of ‘Soul Shaking’ DJ Touché manages to give the track a whole new feel and definitely a sound that will appeal to a very broad spectrum. Again DJ Touché has provided both a vocal mix as well as an instrumental depending on what sound you are looking for.
Dogtown Clash also appear on this single, the guys have come up with another electro/breaks remix that will definitely appeal to the breaks crowd and those who prefer things a little darker. Great production and a remix that will no doubt be gracing many a dancefloor late on into the night.
Our XFM competition winner produced the Mountains of Boutros remix. Quirky, fun and that little bit different the Boutros on the Beach mix is Beach Boys-esque and is without a doubt a track that will be played out by all and sundry.

(p) 2004 Distinct'ive Records
(c) 2004 Distinct'ive Records

1. Official Chemical [Radio Edit]
2. Official Chemical [DJ Touche Mix]
3. Official Chemical [Dogtown Clash Mix]
4. Official Chemical [Boutros On The Beach Remix]
5. Official Chemical [DJ Touche Instrumental Mix]
6. Official Chemical