All our music is available for licencing.

If you wish to use our music on a compilation CD then please send us over a "Heads Of Agreement" document which states a) some details about the compilation, b) the track-list c) the amount of copies you expect to sell, d) the territories and e) the proposed advance.

If you wish to use our music in a computer game, film, online video clip, TV show or other usage (a "sync"), then please send us details of a) the usage and background synopsis, b) the territories, c) any details about the company / station / personnel / director involved, d) the amount of people you expect to view the usage and e) The proposed fee. Please note, we get a lot of requests asking to use our music for free or little cost. We are unlikely to be able to respond to these. Our sincere apologies in advance. To clear a piece of music involves speaking to artists, managers, lawyers, publishers, label representatives & A&R teams. If all of them are in agreement then two contracts then need to be negotiated and drawn up (one for the "recording" and one for the "publishing"/ songwriters). This is often not a simple task. Coordinating this takes a lot of time and effort.