Hybrid Album 4 update15th May 2009


With Spring starting to masquerade as Summer, it's now possible to venture into the studio without having to wear three jumpers and a woolly scarf, which is nice. The studio door is wide open, the birds are circling over the nearby field and the air is filled with deafening subsonic bass. It must be album time again...

Last year saw most of album 4 arrive, get frowned at, poked about and finally abandoned as it wasn't quite hitting the spot. One year later and it's a different story altogether. We've currently got about 33 individual tracks in varying states of completion, some have vocals, some have orchestration. Most have furiously heavy basslines and to us, feel more vibrant and alive than any of our previous work.

We've been recording drums in a rather lovely studio in the Midlands called The Priory under the watchful gaze of in house engineer Greg Chandler. Nice man. Makes Alex's drums sound cockier than an Essex boy on a Saturday night out. Since the start of the year we've been recording great washes of grand pianos, swathes of acoustic guitar, barrel loads of live bass and a barrage of new vocal material from Charlotte. John is joining us again in a couple of weeks to work on a few new festival pleasers and Chris is currently giving Future Sound Of London a run for their money in the 'who's got the maddest sound design' competition. Macs are creaking under the weight of all that granular shenanigans.

We'll have some tracks to post snippets of as and when they decide to emerge from the studio, blinking into the daylight. Oh, and a deadline for completion. First week of October. No, really, this time we mean it. Thanks for reading and more updates to follow shortly.

Over and out.