HYBRID – Disappear Here INSTRUMENTAL Album. Limited Edition Release19th Oct 2011


The fourth Hybrid album 'Disappear Here' was released in March 2010. After reaching number one and number two in the US/UK and Canadian iTunes electronic charts, plus a clutch of extremely well received singles, it's time to re-visit one of the bands finest moments... In instrumental form!

The Hybrid songs are great; we all love them, but sometimes an instrumental version can take things in a different direction and reveal a new twist to something familiar. This limited edition CD is one for the fans. It is NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES, only direct from us.

As the opening track for the album, 'Empire' meets Healings' statement of intent for the album. Its pounding live drums and moody, tense atmospherics set the stage for the building layers of electric guitars and sweeping strings performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. 'Can You Hear Me' is a shining and uplifting moment, which also features the full effect of the orchestra. 'Green Shell Suit' is a swirling chill out reprise. 'Every Word' brings a warm, organic feel with the combination of haunting slide guitar, an arpeggiated acoustic and wonky but playful sound design.

Album title track 'Disappear Here' still has the layered crunching Hybrid production, and the stadium electronica of 'Formula of Fear' presents one of the album's most intense peaks. Venturing further, 'Salt' is encrusted with warped bass lines and brush drums. 'Original Sin' is a soundscape house music monster and 'Take A Fall' features a rocky breaks edge. Before closing out with the divine 'Numb,' Hybrid presents the album's touchstone and first single, 'Break My Soul'. It's all cinematic.

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