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After the recent, well-received "Virtus" single earlier in the year we are pleased to be releasing Jans debut album "Raw

Sonority is the operational alias for the electronic music producer, Live & DJ performer, Jan Hanak. He is from the Czech Republic. After the recent, well-received "Virtus" single earlier in the year we are pleased to be releasing Jans debut album "Raw". The album is high on the Distinctive sound with Expansive wide vision, Electronic intrigue and a progressive rhythms.
The album with the brooding electronic sunrise of "Elsewhere" before the vocal house tune of "Inner Child" which features the driving and powerful voice of Pat Fulgoni. "Leaving" carries on the electronic theme this time adding layers of processed vocals.
Recent single Virtus is next which features the real strings from the Prague Symphony Orchestra laid over solid breakbeat core and emotive chord changes.
"Between The Lines" lightens the mood slightly with some upbeat electronic pop. "Melted" is an offbeat electro interlude before the quirky "Egoless" mixes reggae rhythms and bleepy electronica.
The electronica section of the record comes to a close with the arrival of the driving house beats of "Raw Dist". Big grooves, driving synths and sky-scraping distorted riffs. "Catharsis" is a refreshing, uplifting databurst of musicality. As a closing hurrah "Could Be Normal" is a shimmering breakbeat fest of dance floor grooves and layers on the tech house sheen. We round things off with the closing downtempo electronica of "Going Home".
Overall a refreshing and impressive debut from Jan.

All tracks Written & Produced by Jan Hanak.
All tracks Published by Dharma Songs. Except 02. Published by Dharma Songs / Ashtrays On Motorbikes Music administered by Faber Music Ltd.
Track 2: Vocal by Pat Fulgoni at Chocolate Fireguard, Huddersfield.
Track 5: Vocal by Lindee, Guitar by Tomas Vychytil.
Track 3,13: vocal by Anna Mothejlova.
Track 4: mixed by Lukas Turza.
Track 2,10,12: mixed by Matous Godik.
Mastering: Eugene Rasini
Design: Daniel Spacek
Thanks to Josef Sedlon and DJ Saku for all their support right from the beginning, Anna Mothejlova for her support till the end, Matous Godi­k and Lukas Turza for their support in the meantime.
(P) 2016 Distinctive Records
(C) 2016 Distinctive Records

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