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DISN156 - General Midi - Midi Style

About this release

General Midi is the latest addition to the Distinct’ive collective and what an album he has to offer. ‘Midi Style’ is a big album with a whole lot of attitude. The opening track, ‘Statement of Intent’, sees MC Jakes spell out the General Midi manifesto and assure the listener of what they can expect.

Not one to be pigeon-holed General Midi incorporates many sounds into his production. ‘Rock This Place’ sees some old skool flavas, MC Chickaboo joins General Midi on his Ragga-tipped ‘Turn It Loud’ and some electro behaviour comes to the forefront on ‘Tell Me What You Want’.

All in all this album sees General Midi push a multitude of sounds that help to provide an eclectic edge to ‘Midi Style’. Artists such as MC Jakes, MC Chickaboo and Miss Bryony Blue all feature and each give something to the album in their own way.

This is a solid album with big beats, clever vocals and tight production that will keep many a dancefloor moving. All in all this is another Distinct’ive album that should not be missed.


(p) 2005 Distinct'ive Records
(c) 2005 Distinct'ive Records


RELEASE DATE : Oct 17 2005

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General Midi - Midi Style


1. Statement Of Intent
2. Good To Go
3. Rock This Place
4. Turn It Loud
5. On The Run
6. A Recording
7. Jason Calling
8. Shadow
9. Tell Me What You Want
10. The Eastoner
1. Rattle Ya Cage
12. Never Gonna Stop The Show
13. The Westerner