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DISN163 - General Midi - The Digibox

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This is a massive collection of Midi's album tracks and best remixes to date from the General himself and guests, including Way Out West, DJ Icey, Dylan Rhymes, The Aut0b0ts and our Good to Go remix competition winner GT.


(p) 2007 Distinct'ive Records
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RELEASE DATE : Mar 24 2007

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General Midi - The Digibox


1. Turn It Loud (Radio Edit)
2. Turn It Loud (Rockin Mix)
3. Turn It Loud (Rollin Mix)
4. Turn It Loud (Haircut 200 Mix)
5. Turn It Loud (Nick Valerio Mix)
6. Good To Go (General Midi's Extended Mix)
7. Good To Go (DJ Icey Remix)
8. Good To Go (Ajello Remix)
9. Good To Go (GT Remix)
10. Never Gonna Stop The Show (General Midi's Club Mix)
11. Never Gonna Stop The Show (Dylan Rhymes Mix)
12. Never Gonna Stop The Show (Way Out West Mix)
13. Never Gonna Stop The Show (Aut0bots Last Bus To Lockwood Ska Mix)
14. Apollo (General Midis Apollo 8 Mix)
15. Statement Of Intent
16. Good To Go
17. Rock This Place
18. Turn It Loud
19. On The Run
20. A Recording
21. Jason Calling
22. Shadow
23. Tell Me What You Want
24. The Eastoner
25. Rattle Ya Cage
26. Never Gonna Stop The Show
27. The Westerner