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DISN196 - Boom Jinx presents BJX - Manipulator EP

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Boom Jinx is the snappy moniker of Norwegian based producer Øistein J. Eide. When Øistein is not busy producing epic micro masterpieces for film and TV he finds time to create some of the best produced dance music around. Whilst the Boom Jinx 4/4 output may be well known on Anjunabeats his original breaks sound now takes on the suffix of the BJX project. Øisteins last single 'Come On Over' stirred things up nicely at Distinctive towers. Nothing more than we like than some superbly produced crunching beats.

Next up is an EP of even more crunching, driving breakbeats. Lead track 'Manipulator' has spy chase written all over it. Big beats and a eastern block styled lead line that can only end in one way. A big explosion on screen. Next up is 'Think Fast' which carries on the cinematic theme. This time mixing in a distorted indie guitar line, needling synths and of course the biggest programmed drums you will hear this week.

'Blueberry Bounce' slows the danger down a quotient. Its still large in the breakbeat drum department but the dirty synths and menacing build up is more 'preparing for assault on the crimelords lair' than chase scene. US Based techbreak-progsters Opencloud round off the EP with their fine Manipulator re spin.


Written and Produced by Øistein J. Eide
Published by Copyright Control

(p) 2010 Distinct'ive Records
(c) 2010 Distinct'ive Records


RELEASE DATE : July 5th 2010

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Boom Jinx presents BJX - Manipulator EP

DISN196 - Download

1. Manipulator
2. Think Fast
3. The Blueberry Bounce
4. Manipulator (Opencloud B-Root Force Mix)

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