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DISN197 - Hybrid - Can You Hear Me

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Hybrid burst forth across the cinescape (once more) with the gargantuan “Can You Hear Me”. Taken from the highly successful fourth album “Disappear Here” (which reached number 1 and 2 in the ITunes electronic charts in US, UK and Canada). The epic third single from the album, lets the drama of the album unfold with a slower more striking pace and heavy throbbing drums. Charlotte’s vocals combine with soaring 47 part strings to introduce a powerful, harmonic chorus. The song changes pace to introduce featured vocalist and previous Hybrid bass player, Tim Hutton (The Prodigy, Ian Brown, Groove Armada) to full effect.

Remixes come in from corners (and sounds) far and wide. Hybrid themselves deliver their floor friendly Kill City main and dub mixes. Eelke Kleijn presents his pumping progressive tech groover and Caged Baby sprinkles some disco dub magic. Progressive overlord Barry Jamieson takes a dark and twisted tech detour and West Coast pairing Trifonic bring the dancefloor angular grooves. German Über-soundsmith Justus Köhncke slows the groove factor down to “laid back” and piles in with acid licks and Berlin 5am beats. To round things of is the original instrumental to keep all those who like things less vocal nice and happy.


Written by Truman, James, Healings, Hutton. Produced and mixed by Truman
Vocals and lyrics by James and Hutton. Bass by Michael Truman
Sound design by Healings. Live drums by Alex Madge
Orchestral arrangement by Charlotte James
Recorded and mixed at The Ark, Derbyshire
Sound Design recorded at Electrotek Studios, Swansea
Orchestral parts performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.
Mastered by Tim Young, Metropolis Mastering, London
And Wim Bult, Inline Mastering, Amsterdam
Published by Copyright Control/ Perfect Songs

(p) 2010 Distinct'ive Records
(c) 2010 Distinct'ive Records


RELEASE DATE : May 24 2010

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Hybrid - Can You Hear Me


1. Original
2. Hybrid Kill City Sounds Mix 02
3. Eelke Kleijn Remix
4. Cagedbaby Disco Mix
5. Hybrid Kill City Sounds Dub 02
6. Barry Jamieson Remix
7. Justus Kohncke Remix
8. Trifonic Remix
9. Cagedbaby Dub Mix
10. Justus Kohncke Dub
11. Instrumental