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DISN184: Hexadecimal : Secret Agent EP
DISN188: Hexadecimal Ft Percy Dread : Serious Action
DISN195: Hexadecimal : Base 16
DISN225: Hexadecimal : Cracks
DISN226: Hexadecimal : Reform Restore

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Hexadecimal : Nuclear Sub
Hexadecimal : Secret Agent
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Hexadecimal : Dead Moose
Hexadecimal , FtPercydread: Serious Action
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Hexadecimal : Secret Agent
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Hexadecimal , FtTrudi Mosiamo: Stone Cold
Hexadecimal : Nuclear Sub
Hexadecimal : Base 16
Hexadecimal : Belly of the Beats
Hexadecimal : Cracks (Original Mix)
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Hexadecimal : Cracks (Charlie Kane Remix)
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Hexadecimal & Ingrid Hakanson : Cracks
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Hexadecimal & Dub FX : Open Your Eyes
Hexadecimal : Aftershock
Hexadecimal & The Kurnel MC : Emotive
Hexadecimal : Trauma
Hexadecimal & Ingrid Hakanson : Which Way

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Hexadecimal, Ft. Percy Dread
"Acid Lick Remixes"

Scott Reeder, AKA Hexadecimal caps off a fine yeah with another collaboration with Nottingham compatriot Percy Dread. His sound-system styled vocals adding a new dimension to the breaks & dubstep hybrid track. Some dubstep, some old school dub with that layer of smooth that only Percy can add.
The remixes come from Pete Jordan who turns in a belter. Its an acid, tech-house, electronic, dub-mash which we are having a hard time putting in any genre. Run Riot steer things back to the breaks and motororik plane. Stabby synths and crunchy beats. IITone bring back the step into the dub with their re-rub. Bleeps, clever use of the vocal and tasteful crunchy distortion abound.

Written & Produced by Scott Reeder & Ed Whiteley
Except Track 6 Written & Produced by Scott Reeder
Vocals By Percy Dread. Mastered By Eugene @ Retreat Media
Published by Dharma Songs
(p) 2011 Distinct'ive Records
(c) 2011 Distinct'ive Records

1. Acid Lick [Pete Jordan's Acid Vicious Remix] Buy Track ( $0.94)
2. Acid Lick [Retroid remix] Buy Track ( $0.94)
3. Acid Lick [RuN RiOT Remix] Buy Track ( $0.94)
4. Acid Lick [IITone Remix] Buy Track ( $0.94)
5. Acid Lick Buy Track ( $0.94)
6. Acid Lick [Breaks Mix] Buy Track ( $0.94)
Buy All Tracks ( $4.79)