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"Base 16"

Scott Reeder, AKA Hexadecimal is a man on the move. After winning the Best Breakthough DJ at the 2007 International Breakbeat Awards, he capped an ascendant 2008 with a CD cover mount mix CD for IDJ magazine. With gigs and residencies at Spectrum, The Bomb, Gatecrasher & Fabric. After two extremely well received releases on Distinctive, a nasty accident on his bike (and subsequent recovery) it is now time for the main event. ‘Base 16’ the Hexadecimal album is in the building.
Hexadecimals music is a shut-up-and-listen onslaught of high-energy breaks, House with a touch of electro. His album opens up with the genre slaying Dead Moose, its classy slab of crunching house, electro sensibilities and big beats. This classy sound has main room tattooed all over it and throughout the album we are also treated to other no non floor action in the tracks such as ‘Twisted’, ‘They Decide’ and the crunching beats of ‘Tripswitch’. A welcome vocal guest on the album is Nottingham-based troubadour Percy Dread. His Reggae sound-system styled vocals adding a new flavor to recent single ‘Serious Action’, where tings’ go on a Reggae Breaks / Dub Beats express. Percy doesn’t stray far from his Rasta sensibilities and his poetic lyric meld with the beats effortlessly. Percy also features on the dubstep tinged ‘Acid Lick’.
Vocalists Katty Heath and Trudi Mosiamo also add their smooth vocals to proceedings in the ‘Syndrome’ and ‘Stone Cold’. UK based rapper Kurnel MC flows about his mental health on ‘I’m Not Insane’.
For those who like things a bit less vocal our man is on hand for the more direct approach. Tracks such as ‘Secret Agent’ & ‘Belly Of The Beats’, 'Nuclear Sub' anchor back to breakbeat drums and oversized grooves.
‘Base 16’ is a mighty-fine debut from our Nottingham based beat-meister. You can catch Scott in 2010, when he takes to the road for a DJ tour in support of his album.

All tracks Written & Produced by Scott Reeder
‘Acid Lick’ written by Scott Reeder & Ed Whiteley
Additional production & Engineering by Ed Whiteley
Published by Dharma Songs
Vocals on 'I’m Not Insane' by The Kurnel MC, Katty Heath and Jade Bovingdon
Vocals on 'Serious Action' and 'Acid Lick' by Percydread
Vocals on 'Stone Cold' by Trudi Mosiamo
Vocals on 'Syndrome' by Katty Heath
(p) 2010 Distinct'ive Records
(c) 2010 Distinct'ive Records

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