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Hexadecimal returns to Distinctive after a prolonged hiatus with a brand new EP titled 'Cracks', the precursor to his hotly anticipated new album 'Reform / Restore' that's set to hit stores later this year.
'Cracks' is a pounding, melodious EDM record and it's rich with purpose. On February 22 2011 a 6.3 magnitude earthquake rocked Christchurch, New Zealand. Scott Hexadecimal was there with his fiancée and felt first-hand the full force of Mother Nature. Hex was already in the full swing of writing the album at the time.'It was clear that the earthquake was something that needed to be included in the project,' says Scott 'I began to come up with some ideas at home (at the time we had no water, sewage and regular power outages as well as frequent aftershocks – an ideal place to get inspiration for a track about earthquakes).'
Vocalist Ingrid Hakanson jumped on the track after Scott emailed her a copy of the music and details on his experiences, and 'Cracks' was born. As usual we've got some heavy-hitting remixes. Jaybee delivers a storming DnB edit. Fisso & Spark add a new dynamic with their progressive bassline and organ breakdown. Zombie Robot bring the Dubstep heat with razor sharp leads and huge drums. Next up, young EDM don Charlie Kane served up a technical prog mix that's possibly the most altered cut of the bunch.

Written by Scott Reeder & Ingrid Hakanson
Produced by Scott Reeder
Vocals by Ingrid Hakanson
Engineered by Ed Whiteley
Published by Dharma Songs
(p) 2012 Distinctive Records
(c) 2012 Distinctive Records

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